Frequently Asked Questions

My fiancé and I really want to have a nighttime wedding, but I’ve heard that will spell disaster for our pictures. What do you think we should do?

Go for it! While photographers generally prefer natural light to artificial light for the photographs, you should always do what makes you happy. At One Moment One Shot Photography we come equipped to handle any lighting situation and have years of experience with many different venues and circumstances, including nighttime weddings. Because you never have to worry about your images not coming out nicely, go ahead and have your dream wedding and leave the details to us!

What kind of gear do you use?

What kind of gear do you use? We use Nikon professional gear. We have top of the line cameras and lenses. When we shoot all images are saved to two different memory cards at the same time as a precaution in case one card has errors. This feature is something only available in the most high end equipment.

Are you a “natural light” photographer? We love shooting natural light when we can and it’s available. However we are trained and even teach others how to use, modify and create light from flashes in order to create beautiful images no matter what the conditions. That means if there is a dark overcast in the sky, rain, or even if things are running late and the ceremony ends after dark — We’ve got you covered. We are able to create the images you’ll love no matter what is thrown at us.


We’d love to set aside some time for an engagement shoot. Is this something you do?
We sure do! We work with you to plan the engagement shoot of your dreams, including location selection and wardrobe recommendations. Additionally, we can even help you design pieces for your wedding using your engagement shoot photos for sign-in boards, guest books, save-the-date cards, thank you cards, table place settings, and much more. One Moment One Shot Photography also offers many wonderful album options to help you remember your engagement shoot forever. Be sure to check contact us for more information about scheduling your own engagement shoot for a lifetime of special memories!
What is the normal turnaround time to receive wedding images?

Our normal turnaround time after the wedding to have images complete & ready is approximately 45 days (perhaps a few extra days in the heart of the busy wedding season). Your wedding photos are important to you and we work around the clock to make sure that we keep up with deadlines. Usually, within a week or less, we’ll also have a blog entry of samples available for you to check out and to tie you over until the rest are ready to check out.

 You may sign into your event well ahead of time via email to receive automatic notification of when images go live and you can even check our calendar for up to date status updates!

How much does it cost for you to travel to my wedding?

We have been traveling around the US and throughout the world for the last 5 years to shoot weddings. Setting up the airplane travel, hotel, rental car etc can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. So we’ve come up with a way that makes things easy for clients to understand and doesn’t cost them the time to set everything up.

We have divided the US into four areas. Each one has a cost. We use that money to cover our plane, hotel and rental car. If it is more than that we will cover the cost out of my own pocket. If you are unsure which area your wedding would fall into please email us.

Pacific Time Zone – $800

Mountain Time Zone – $700

Central Time Zone – $550

Eastern Time Zone – $450

International – Let’s chat!

I know it’s best to take formal photographs before the wedding, but I guess you could say we are old-fashioned. Why do you think taking the formals beforehand is so important?
Here at One Moment One Shot Photography, we definitely pride ourselves in catering to the needs and desires of our clients. That said, we are believers in taking the formal photographs before the wedding, ensuring not only more time to get the best photographs but also getting the formals out of the way by the time you are ready to go to your party. We find that stress levels with brides, grooms, family members and wedding parties is greatly reduced when the formals are taken care of and they can focus on just having fun and being with their guests. Also, depending on the time of day, we may have better light and access to better portrait locations before the ceremony.
What kind of wedding album options do I have and how does it work?

We offer a variety of beautiful, fine art wedding albums to choose from, from all different sizes, textures, and designs.

Images used for the album can be selected by the bride and groom with an easy to use online selection system and albums are then custom designed by Rodney and his team, and sent out to a professional, wedding album binding company that will bring your album to life! Please note, we also offer a wide selection of parent albums and miniature albums that can be ordered with any package or even after the wedding by anyone interested.

Our clients have the ability to see their album design in the form of an online slideshow presentation before anything is printed as well as give feedback for any changes or edits they may want. You’ll love our system and feel confident knowing exactly how your album will look when it arrives from the manufacturer.


How do I reach you?

Easiest way is using the contact form built into the site. You can also shoot us a text message at 912-598-6198. We only listen to voice mails a few times a week so email, text or even reaching out on Facebook are the best ways to reach us. After an initial chat or email exchange we love to set up a meeting to get to know one another either face to face or video chat. It’s a wonderful way of learning about each other, chatting about the wedding and answering any questions you might have for us.

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