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I’m Rodney K. Gary, a wedding, lifestyle and branding photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. When I’m not photographing awesome couples and families, you can most likely find me enjoying white chocolate mocha coffee (with almond milk), a kit-kat candy bar or writing the blog post below that you enjoy.

10 Reasons You Should Print Your Pictures

A Quick list of all the reasons you should print your pictures.

  1. You can finally put up that gallery wall you’ve been talking about.
  2. The photos on your desk at work are at least 5 years old.
  3. Your in-laws have been asking for some new pictures of the kids.
  4. You will inevitably lose all those photos on your phone.
  5. Surprise your spouse with 5 pictures and a note (thank me later).
  6. Get inspired with prints of all your favorite things.
  7. You’ve been working really hard lately, you deserve this.
  8. You took some amazing images.
  9. Photographic proof of Dad’s hair before the kids.
  10. To remember pets loved and lost.