Weddings October 9, 2018 Wedding Consultants & Planners “To Hire Or Not”

Wedding consultants or wedding planners are professionals specializing in wedding planning. Your wedding planner can be an organizer, an event planner, a vendor specialist, a project manager or a friend. A wedding planner can work with you to plan your wedding day part-time or full-time.

Weddings October 8, 2018 Wedding Photography Secrets: Tips for Taking the Best Wedding Day Photos Possible

  Wedding Photography Secrets: Tips for Taking the Best Wedding Day Photos Possible It’s your wedding…one of the most beautiful days in your life. How else can you make the perfect occasion last? Capture the momentous event with great wedding photographs. Read today’s blog to make sure you choose the right wedding photography service for …

Weddings September 23, 2018 What Are Bridal Portraits and Why You Should Take Them?

  Many people do not understand what are bridal portraits. This is a photo experience that involves only the bride and takes place before the actual wedding day. A bridal experience is not something that is required it is completely up to you. In the past, brides to be have shared with me that they …

Destination Weddings September 17, 2018 Destination Wedding and Look at Historic Savannah

  Destination Wedding and Look at Historic Savannah The latest trend in the marriage scenario the destination marriages. Traditionally speaking the marriages is taken place with in the vicinity of one’s native place and it is even regarded as the custom. On the other hand the trend gaining ground on the international level is that …

Weddings September 16, 2018 7 Uniquely Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

  7 Uniquely Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos   1. Photos on Canvas Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your favorite wedding photo transformed into stunning photo art? By printing the image onto a hand-stretched canvas you can give an artistic, finished look to your most classic …

Weddings September 15, 2018 All About Wedding Shoes

All About Wedding Shoes I suppose that you have found the perfect bridal dress to wear on the big day but what about your bridal wedding shoes? If you haven’t really given them some serious thought, it’s time to think again. Your shoes not only need to complement your dress, it should also be a …

Weddings September 9, 2018 A Step by Step Guide to Hiring Wedding Professionals

  A Guide to Hiring Wedding Professionals One of the most challenging things about getting married is finding and hiring the wedding vendors. However large or small their roles may be, they will have a significant impact in the overall outcome of your wedding day. Because of this, it is imperative to take your time …

Weddings September 7, 2018 Bridal Hairstyle Tips for Choosing Wedding Updos and Hair Styles

For many brides the hairstyle they choose for their wedding day is almost as important as the dress they choose. While every bride wants her hair to look great on her wedding day, there are also many factors to consider in choosing a style.

Weddings September 5, 2018 What Questions Should I Ask My Potential Wedding Photographer

Do you have my date available? NOTE: Obviously, if the answer is NO and you’re not willing or able to change your date, don’t bother asking the rest of these questions.

Weddings September 3, 2018 Breaking News: Common Sense Tips for Perfect Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is not easy!  When you first begin planning a wedding, there are so many forks in the road, a multitude of decisions to make, and so many ways to go astray.  At this amazing and crazy time in your life, take a minute to step back, relax and organize your thoughts. Get a grip on the project you have just undertaken, follow some seemingly simple steps, and planning a wedding can be a wonderful and memorable experience.